Castle of Esclignac (Gers) 

Private property  


Old fortified house, historic witness of thousand years, located in this plain close to Monfort (Gers), I have been the castle of de Preissac family until the XVIIIe century.


At the Revolution, my owner Charles de Preissac, become Louis XVI cousin thanks to his wedding with Elisabeth of Saxe, had to leave France and I was sold...


During the french Restoration, I was property of de Preissac family again but very quickly. Unfortunately transformed in a farm, I falled in ruins and stopped my amazing story in this area where I am one of the oldest castles still existing today !

However, in 1968, thanks to a large restoration program, I finally could be tastefully and respectfully renovated.

Private property of the Bogdanov family, time is becoming a huge burden that is impacting over my old age.


To make my old stones to tell about these thousand years of the History in Gers, it is necessary now to start a new restoration program.


Untill now, I suffered from old age, frost impacts and from the men's cruelty but I can relive thanks to your generosity and your willingness.