Château de Veauce (Allier)

Propriété privée - Fond de dotation Calligramme   

Géré par une association loi 1901 - Association Calligramme 


Majestic, charming, frightening or fascinating, everybody cannot miss my sturdy character. I am a fortified castle built on a rocky peak on the borders of three provinces : Auvergne, Berry and Bourbonnais.


Probably built while Charlemagne was marking the Aquitaine kingdom barriers, (around 808) I am proud to have been the property of the oldest and famous families of the Bourbonnais (Chauvigny de Blot, Cadier de Veauce...). 


In the XIXe century, I was in real bad conditions ! Nevertheless, between 1841 and 1846, my owner, Baron Charles de Veauce ordered an important restoration program that made the castle you can see today.


Do you know the legend of Lucie ? This legend tells about this woman who walks along the curtain wall every evening at midnight...Ephraïm Tagori de la Tour, my very strange owner of the XXe century, imagined this story to attract curious visitors of this period of veritable infatuation for paranormal activities...


Imagine, this strange phenomenon led to the visit of a tv team in 1984 ! Unfortunately, my owner died in 1998 and I broke down until a british woman became my new owner in 2002.


In 2015, I became the property of a endowment fund to start the necessary restoration.